“If you have been wrongfully denied disability benefits, look no further than Leanne Goldstein.  She was a blessing to me in so many ways.  She showed me great compassion and understanding from our first conversation.  Her experience, knowledge, tenacity, empathy and conviction sets her apart from her peers.  She gets results!  I highly recommend Leanne.” 
Kim A


“Leanne Goldstein was my lawyer. Leanne is a top-notch lawyer who kept me apprised of all the developments and options as the case progressed. Leanne is not afraid to fight for you but does not come off as being rude or aggressive. She is assertive, knowledgeable and professional and will leave no stone unturned in building your case. But, more than her acumen as an attorney, she is a lovely and genuine person who navigated me with compassion and caring through a VERY stressful period in my life. Her assistant is also great and very proficient. My claim was settled for a satisfactory amount but Leanne fought hard for it and didn’t give up.”
Jac L
“If you are reading this review, it means you are where I was over a year ago. I was trying to decide if I should act on my feelings of the injustice I was feeling as a result of repeatedly denied claims and appeals from my insurance company, in spite of the fact that my condition was very well documented. I worked very hard to bring myself back to improved wellness, and as I started feeling better I found the strength to seek out help. I made an appointment with Leanne Goldstein, and I walked out of that office knowing I was finally understood and very importantly supported and believed. The support and understanding continued every step of the way, and I truly have no words that can express the gratitude I have for Leanne and her hard work. The positive outcome not only helped with the financial burden of being off work for an extended period, but most importantly, it also affirmed what I knew to be true, that I was wrongly denied my LTD benefits and treated unfairly to say the least. Out of this experience, I encourage anyone who is living through wrongly denied insurance claims, to at least investigate your options, if not seek out the help and action like I did. Validation is also good for your health, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the work Leanne did for me, and what she continues to do for others.”
Cheryl Morrow
Last April, my wife was abruptly notified by her insurance company, that she would no longer be receiving her Long Term Disability payments, effective immediately. This came as quite a shock, as she had been receiving the payments for approx. 10 years. Her doctors had always filled out any forms requested by the insurance company, which affirmed that she was not able to work, in any capacity. My wife was devastated, as this would cause quite a financial hardship. She was confused about the sudden decision, embarrassed and let down by the insurance company, and felt she had no power to appeal in anyway.
I felt angry and felt we should fight this unjust decision. I did a few online searches for lawyers that would help us fight a large Insurance company. I gave Leanne Goldstein a call and was immediately given clear and concise information on how to go forward.
If this type of scenario is your situation, I would highly recommend you call Leanne Goldstein. Do not let the large Insurance companies intimidate you and make you feel the way my wife did. You have the ability to fight. Leanne Goldstein strongly and competently represented our case. We did not have to deal with the Insurance company directly, at all.
Leanne Goldstein did everything she outlined in our initial conversation and more. She is both direct and compassionate. We are so grateful to have found her.
Our case was settled, out of court, within a year. We are more than satisfied with the results.
Thank you Leanne!
“Nothing’s worse than being mentally and physically unable to work and then not being supported properly or respectfully by your employer and the insurance company. Leanne gave me back my life and helped me fight back against my employer of 26 years and the life insurance company which I paid into for 26 years. She battled these two large corporations on my behalf and was victorious. I owe her my sanity. She stood by me and gave me the confidence and courage to fight for my rights. She was professional, knowledgeable, personable, empathetic and at the same time was not judgemental. She was completely supportive and always made herself available to both me and my family. She’s the lawyer you want by your side from beginning to the end result in mediation because she never gives up or settles for anything other than what’s right for the client. I highly recommend Leanne Goldstein. She’s an exceptional lawyer and an exceptional person.”
“I usually don’t write reviews unless I’m very satisfied. I would like to commend Leanne Goldstein for all the hard work she did on my case. She went above and beyond to get the best possible outcome for me.I would recommend her to anyone who needs someone who is strong and willing to fight for your best interests. Her negotiating skills along with her experience and compassion won me over.
When I was in need of a lawyer, I interviewed a few lawyers before I decided to retain Leanne. I felt that she was the best suited for my case based on the many years experience and her ability to make me feel comfortable with the whole process. Dealing with a stressful case when not feeling well is difficult as it is and Leanne was professional and responsive and took command of the situation. I didn’t feel out of the loop through the whole process.
In my nature, I’m very detailed oriented and asked many questions. Leanne didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about asking questions nor did she lose communication after I retained her. She answered all my questions and even when she was busy, she got back to me as soon as possible.
I can’t thank Leanne enough for dealing with a very stressful situation with kindness and patience. I asked her if I can contact her after my case -if I had any questions and she said absolutely I can. Thank you Leanne for your compassion and care and all your hard work!”
“When I was at the lowest point in my emotional well being, Leanne compassionately, without pressure, took the time to explain my rights and became my voice when I couldn’t speak. I am a professional of 20 years without any previous mental illness, who was denied long term disability for a valid claim. Leanne reassured me from the moment we first spoke, she would fight the insurance company for the unjustified denial of my claim for benefits. Leanne is true to her word. If you want an individual who believes in you, is a professional, compassionate, understanding, experienced and fights for your rights when you are not capable of making decisions, Leanne is your lawyer.”
“I recently found myself in the unfortunate situation of a denied LTD claim. I could not be happier with the representation provided by Leanne Goldstein. When listening to Leanne summarize my case to the mediator, it was apparent that she did her homework in depth and was very well prepared. Leanne is experienced, highly intelligent, thorough, and compassionate. She presented my case with integrity leading to an outcome that allows me to focus on healing. What more could you want in this situation?”
“Leanne, since the beginning of my ordeal, you have shown great professional care to my situation. You were never stumped and marched on to pursue Justice. Thank you so very much to you and your team.”
“Leanne was not only an outstanding lawyer; it was her compassion for me that set her apart from other lawyers I have dealt with. Leanne is not afraid to battle for you but always does it in a professional manner. She is confident, knowledgeable and will not comprise what she feels is owed to her client. Leanne is a lovely and genuine person who navigated me with such kindness and caring through an extremely stressful period in my life. She helped me with my LTD case and treated me with utmost respect, dignity and most of all, empathy. My claim was settled for a satisfactory amount but Leanne had to fight so hard for it and didn’t give up.”
Tina M
“My entire journey has been very positive. The wonderful lady Ms. Leanne Goldstein had me believing that I would be smiling at the end of this journey.”
Almaz Campbell
“As soon as I met Leanne Goldstein, I knew she was the lawyer I wanted to represent me. Her expertise, efficiency, integrity and genuine caring attitude gave me confidence that my disability case was in trustworthy hands. Leanne is an exceptional lawyer. She is extremely knowledgeable, very wise, and always had my best interest in mind.”
“Leanne Goldstein was our representative and was so encouraging and helpful. She explained everything in great detail and kept us informed through this whole process. We are so thankful for kindness and support and positive financial outcome through this terrible situation.”
Ashley Wakem
“Leanne Goldstein is one of the smartest, toughest and most empathetic people I know. Leanne delivered the results I was looking for. She is very professional, experienced and knowledgeable.
Don’t look anywhere else!”
James Matthews
“The lawyer assigned to our case, Leanne, was OUTSTANDING! Thank you very much Leanne for exceptional service, professionalism and transparency.”
IT Stix Signs
“Not only did I hear back from Leanne within the hour, but she spoke to me for over an hour explaining the whole process and answering all my questions. She really put my mind at ease. She made this most stressful period in my life a lot more bearable, and I did not have to deal with anything except for looking after my health. I got regular updates from her when there was something to report. I want to give a shout-out to Leanne and her team for all their help and excellent work.
I would highly recommend her and the firm.”
Mehernosh Bomanji
“Leanne is very knowledgeable and is a good listener. I couldn’t be more pleased. I strongly recommend her.”
Eli Larck
“Went above and beyond to help me during one of the hardest times of my life.”
Nick Baril
“I highly recommend Leanne Goldstein and her highly experienced team. Leanne handled everything from start to finish with confidence and care, so I didn’t have to. If it weren’t for speaking with her, I would have never have known to even apply for the long term disability benefits I was entitled to. Thank you Leanne for fighting tooth and nail for me to get the outcome that we did!”
“We had a dispute with an Insurance Company over a claim they denied. Leanne Goldstein was recommended to us by a friend, and she handled our case efficiently and effectively. Not only is Leanne a qualified and very professional lawyer, she is also very personable and took a great interest in our case. It was through her thorough preparation and concise presentation that we reach a satisfactory conclusion to our case. I have no hesitation in recommending Leanne Goldstein … she is an excellent advocate in difficult circumstances.”
Dr Bill Webster
“I would highly recommend Leanne Goldstein, if you are searching for a lawyer that is highly skilled, extremely knowledgable, diligent, powerful and effective. Her wisdom, tenacity and hard work provided my family and I with a very successful outcome. She kept me informed throughout the case, responding quickly to any questions I had.
Overall Leanne exceeded my expectations.
Thank you again to you and your team for an outstanding service.”
Mary Frances Damp
“Leanne Goldstein was passionate, highly skilled and did not give up fighting for my case.
She explained every single step, every detail and possible consequences to me. There was never a moment when I would not know what to expect. Her understanding and compassion made an otherwise complicated and sometimes painful process bearable. She is the lawyer you want on your side.”
Christiane Schmolling
“I would like to thank Leanne for assisting me and given me solid guidance and expertise advise. Leanne was very patient with me and always took the time to answer any questions I had. I truly appreciated her support and empathy when I was tearful. She was always kind and respectful, and genuinely cared about my well being.
Leanne is not only a professional lawyer but a very honest and amazing human being.
Thank you is just not enough. I would highly recommend Leanne.”
“I’m so grateful to have found Leanne Goldstein! After speaking to a couple of other disability lawyers, she took the time to provide all of the relevant information I needed. Throughout the entire process she explained things clearly in detail and answered any questions. Leanne was amazing, going above and beyond. Her knowledge, experience and compassion helped me get through an extremely stressful situation. I felt very supported by her and her team. Would absolutely recommend!”
Naqia Ahmed
“I can’t thank Leanne enough! She was a tremendous help in a stressful situation. Leanne is very knowledgeable, compassionate and looks after clients. I contacted Leanne after calling around; she really listened, provided good feedback, and most of all, was honest. Leanne’s experience, professionalism and mannerism lead to a great outcome. Her many years of experience meant that she understood the legalities, knew how companies worked and negotiates strongly. There was no doubt that I was in good hands. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”
“I highly recommend Leanne Goldstein. She is reliable, efficient, and provided me with outstanding service. I am extremely grateful for her help especially during the most difficult time in my life. Leanne went above and beyond. She has wonderful qualities as a lawyer and a woman. I will never forget what she has done for me. Her team is also outstanding. They are very knowledgeable.”
Paulette Andrade
“Excellent service. Highly skilled and knowledgeable. We entrusted our family legal matters to them and they exceeded our expectations! I highly recommend this firm!”
Ewa Kosnik
“We found them to be Excellent and very good at walking us through the process. Very attentive to our concerns and needs at all times. Would highly recommend them to anyone need first class lawyer!”
“What can I say. Leanne was incredibly professional and made sure I understood everything before moving forward. Happy conclusion.”
Tom Lovenjak
“For almost three years, Leanne Goldstein has been fighting for me. She invested a lot of time supporting me emotionally, guiding me practically and advocating for me tirelessly on a complicated situation. She’s done so with a unique balance of compassion and professionalism, good humour and toughness.
The result? Leanne found a solution that was, I believe, satisfactory to all. I know it was for me. But she was fully prepared (and getting me emotionally ready, too) to go to trial if that was not the case.
Bottom line: Leanne Goldstein is an excellent disability attorney, so if you need help in that area, you would be wise and well-served to take your matter to her.
Trust me, I honestly can’t say enough good things.”
Ian Holland
“This was my first time going on disability. And I had no idea how going on disability in Ontario worked. Unfortunately I had trouble with my insurance company.
As anyone else reading this might understand, long term disability and short term disability are two very different beasts and unless you already know how they work it is easy to get lossed.
That’s where Leanne Goldstein stepped in. Not only was the care diligent, and useful (Leanne successfully helped me fix my disability issues) but the service was incredibly kind and humanistic.
Honestly, if you need someone to fight for you when you are already down there is no better disability law firm in the GTA.”
Ari Nussbaum
“Should you find yourself being helped by Leanne, you will find yourself in knowledgeable hands.”
Mark Pilkington
“All these reviews on here are absolutely true. I tried them myself. AMAZING!!! I am so lucky to have met Leanne Goldstein, she’s the Best. The team saved My life too! They are extremely kind, warm & caring  They got me my LTD and I could not be happier. TRY THEM you won’t be disappointed.”
Teresa Conte
“I was a victim of corporate greed while I was injured . I was unable to work and was refused coverage which I paid into for 22 years . I was instructed my only choice was to resign by my employer . I had no income and fighting for EI and Ontario Works . I had truly hit rock bottom . All the great people at the firm without a doubt saved my life and worked through my increasing anxiety and depression. I CANT THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH !❤️🤗
If any of this sounds familiar please reach out to this firm .
Sean Bath