Imagine a radio show that has been empowering, educating, and entertaining women in Canada for over a decade. A show that offers a safe space for women to connect and learn from each other, with tens of thousands tuning in each week to hear who Candace is speaking to and what unique stories are being shared. That show is What She Said, one of the longest running female radio talk shows in Canada.

What She Said is committed to amplifying women’s voices across Canada, with six interviews each week covering the topics that matter most to women. From entrepreneurship to motherhood, fashion to health, and everything in between, Candace and her guests dive deep into the issues that affect women in their everyday lives.


On this podcast, Leanne talks about how she is revolutionizing legal practice by incorporating trauma-informed principles, ensuring her clients’ mental well-being is at the forefront. Leanne’s approach is a refreshing change in the legal world, emphasizing empathy and support.


Listen to the podcast here

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