First Consultation Free

To accommodate our clients, we offer various options for the first meeting:
  • Over the telephone
  • Online using Zoom or Google Meet; or
  • In person – we have an office in Vaughan, or we can arrange to meet with you at a location that is convenient.
The first consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for us to identify whether we can assist you with your legal matter. In advance of the first meeting, you may be sent a draft retainer agreement and brochure to review. You may be asked to provide some documentation for us to review and an Identification Document such as a Driver’s Licence or Passport.
The first consultation does not cost you anything and is mainly an information gathering session where we determine how we may be able to assist you, create a plan of action and provide some preliminary guidance on next steps.
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Contingency-Based Legal Fees

We understand that one of the biggest reasons claimants do not retain a lawyer to pursue litigation is because they are worried about not being able to afford the process. To assist our clients and in an effort to increase access to justice,  we offer a contingency based legal fee.
That means you do not pay a legal fee, UNLESS and UNTIL you are successful in your case. In other words, we are only paid a legal fee if we are successful in your case and recover a monetary outcome for you. 
The contingency fee amount depends on many things including the complexity of issues in dispute, the time and effort expended on the matter, the risks of taking on the matter and the results achieved. Lawyers in Ontario are required to abide by the requirements set out by the Law Society of Ontario: Contingency fees: What you need to know (
Our maximum legal fee charged on a contingency fee basis will not exceed 30%.

Hourly Based Fees

We do offer hourly based fees in certain matters.

Hybrid Retainer

We offer a hybrid retainer arrangement if we are retained to pursue your long-term disability benefits appeal and litigation later becomes necessary. Please contact us to understand more about how this retainer arrangement might be beneficial for your case.