Our women owned and run law firm was created as a response to certain negative expectations that people may have of lawyers and of law firms in general. We want our clients and the general public to experience lawyers and litigation in a more positive way, as we believe that this experience enhances client outcomes. We achieve this by dedicating our resources to our clients and to our community.
It is important for us that our clients feel as if they are able to control their destinies, are empowered in the litigation process and that they receive validation of their experiences. By sharing with clients how we see their cases and what our strategies might be, we help them put their faith in us and what we hope to achieve for them.
We effectively guide clients through litigation by enhancing their knowledge of the processes they will face and we focus on demystifying the experience of taking on an insurance company. Helping clients effectively navigate the emotional journey of litigation to reach a point of successful closure, is for us a critical part of access to justice.
We believe in transparency and in responding to client calls and messages as quickly as possible in order to reduce the anxieties that have built up for clients after many frustrating interactions with their insurance companies.
When clients call us, they have the benefit of speaking with a lawyer with over 20 years of experience litigating disability, life insurance and critical illness claims, who has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of insurance companies. This experience allows for a rapid understanding of the insurance company’s actions and motivations in their communications and their conduct, and an understanding of how to combat this.
We have litigated and successfully concluded thousands of cases over the years. We have never worked at or for an insurance company as we have devoted our entire legal career to fighting for the legitimate entitlements of insurance claimants.
By embracing developments in legal technology and creating optimized organizational processes, we have been able to establish effective systems for accelerating the progress of a file in order to help clients get their lives back on track as quickly as possible. 
Many of our clients are individuals that have been traumatized by adverse events in their lives and may have trust issues. The litigation process can be intimidating and our goal in creating our firm is to help clients navigate that process while ensuring that their dignity, autonomy and mental health is preserved.
We have been trauma informed and trained for many years and continue to infuse our practice with these principles. We strongly believe that injecting humanity into lawyer-client interactions does not detract from professionalism and that vigorous advocacy and empathy can co-exist.
Given that we have litigated thousands of cases, we have significant knowledge and understanding of numerous medical conditions, and have spent many years advocating for those with “invisible disabilities”, conditions that cannot be adequately assessed through testing or diagnostic imaging, but are no less debilitating.
Understanding how various medical conditions, operational stress injuries, trauma and physical injuries uniquely affect women, is another significant area of focus for us.
In terms of our employees and the students that we mentor, we believe in fully immersing them in the culture of the firm and welcome their contributions to the vision of our firm. We believe in the development of our employees and our students as people and we always seek opportunities for enhancing their growth potential. 
Through our commitment to community education and through the provision of quality legal services, we aspire to change perspectives and change lives. Hear from some of our clients who have shared their experiences with our firm.

Mission Statement